Do I have to be at home for the collection or delivery?
No, simply hang your garment bag from the delivery hanger or place it on your front porch. Our route manager will pick-up and deliver your clothes without disturbing you.

How do I request an alteration or mark a stain?
Simply complete the Special Care Form and place it in plastic pocket of your bag. It is helpful if you place the item(s) in a separate bag (i.e. grocery bag) inside your garment bag.

Is there a minimum number of items required per order?
No. We drive through your neighborhood on your schedule pick-up day and will process your order regardless of the number of items. If a garment is stained, please put it out on your next pick up day, even if it is the only garment in the bag!

What if I will be out of town on my scheduled delivery day?
Simply give us a call and we will hold your finished order until you return.

What if I have more clothes than will fit in my garment bag?
Simply put any extra clothes or household items in a plastic bag with your name and phone number and leave with your orange garment bag. If you need additional permanent garment bags, please let us know and we will be glad to provide them.

What do I do if I have problem with my order after the clothes are returned?
Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. Please contact us immediately so we can address your concern and reclean the item at no charge if necessary.

What if I forget to place the bag out on scheduled pick-up day?
Call us as soon as you realize you missed the collection or if you think we failed to notice your bag. If we are still in the area we can likely get it collected and delivered on your regular schedule. If not, we can normally work out an alternate schedule for that week.

How do I pay for my dry cleaning?
Each order is delivered with a detailed invoice attached. For your convenience, we will charge your credit card for your cleaning. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

What is the cost of the pick up and delivery service?
No cost whatsoever! No contracts to sign either! We also provide a FREE personalized bag for pick up and delivery.