Going GreenEnvironmentally Conscious

Our business utilizes environmentally conscientious processes. From the elimination of most single use plastic bags, biodegradable solutions and energy efficient machinery, to the consolidation of hundreds of weekly trips to the dry cleaner into just a handful of “vanpool” trips – we focus on running a low impact business.

Our biggest leap towards being an environmentally responsible cleaner is the very way in which we clean your clothes. We apply the latest in cleaning science and use an effective and environmentally friendly cleaning method, called hydrocarbon dry cleaning, that holds health and safety advantages over other solvents typically used today in most dry cleaners. We are a 100% per (perclorethylene) free operation.

Your personalized Green Garmento valet bag is made from eco-friendly recyclable water resistant material. It is designed to hold 10-14 finished garments inside the gusseted bag without the plastic bags that traditionally cover professionally cleaned garments. By using The Green Garmento, our customers are reducing the estimated 300 million pounds of single-use plastic dry cleaning bags that clog US landfills… not to mention the clutter that is eliminated from their closets.

Hanger Recycling – Have you ever wondered if they reproduce in your closet when the door is shut? Let’s face it they seem to keep multiplying! We love to reuse hangers. We can provide you with a hanger box or bag that will allow you to neatly collect and return the hangers on which your garments are delivered.