FREE Pick-up & Delivery

How it works
As Easy as 1,2,3

1. Sign Up on our secure website or call us at (770)289-2367. It will take less than 5 minutes to set up your account. We accept all major credit cards and your billing is automatic after each delivery.

2. We’ll deliver a welcome kit to you on your first service containing:

• Garment bag
• Price list
• Set of special care forms
• Delivery hook for your front door
• Free pick-up & delivery guide brochure
• Your scheduled pick-up & delivery day
You do not have to wait for our garment bag to begin service. Simply put your garments in a disposable bag of choice for the initial pickup. We will provide you with a personalized dry cleaning bag that is easy to use and handle. As a reminder, we will send an email the night before your scheduled pick ups to have your bag out by
8 a.m. Also, remember to leave your hook out for delivery.

3. Relax, we’ve got it from here.

Get Started Now
Getting started is easy. Call us at (770) 289-2367 and tell our friendly staff that you’d like to get started with our free dry cleaning delivery service. Prefer to contact us via e-mail? Just fill our Service Request Form.

Special Request Form
Have any special requests or specific care instructions for a particular garment? We’ve got you covered. Complete this form and include it with your order and we’ll see to it that you have everything just the way you like.

Special Care Form

Please complete this form to notify us of a stain or needed repair. Simply print the Special Care Form and place the completed form in the plastic pocket of your bag.

Leave yourbag outside

  • There is no need to be home so simply hang your garment bag at the front door with any special instructions. Be sure to have your bag out by 8a.m.

Schedule apick-up

  • Sign Up on our secure website or call us at
    (770) 289-2367.
    Once your account is set up, we’ll assign your schedule pick up & delivery day and deliver a welcome kit to you.

Pick-up & Delivery onschedule day

  • We will pick up your garment bag and leave a confirmation note on your door. Once your garments are dry cleaned, we will deliver your garments on your scheduled delivery day at the front door.